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Shell Jacobean Symbol

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     The shell is the Jacobean attribute par excellence, document that testifies to the performed pilgrimage and is receiving arriving to Santiago as a certificate thereof, becoming a guarantee to obtain grants and privileges. This was found on top of a skeleton in a grave under the basement of the Cathedral of Santiago. Two holes that confirm its use as logo and that the grave belonged to a pilgrim.

     The pilgrims used to hang from your neck or pin a scallop shell bought from the doors of the Cathedral at their clothes (not only sea but also shells shells made in metal - lead, Tin and, for the more affluent, in noble metals). These scallops trade was regulated in the year 1200 by the Archbishop D. Pedro Suárez de Deza, and in the year 1230 it will be developed on a monopoly basis by one of the most ancient of the City Guilds: Guild of the Concheiros



The Iron Cross

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The Iron Cross is a mound of stones, the most famous of which are found along the Way and are known in the world of pilgrimages as "humilladeros". On this mound is erected a wooden pole, of approximately 5 metres in height, that is ‘crowned’ by an iron cross. The current post is not the original, but a copy. The original post and cross have been transferred to the nearby Museum of the Paths of Astorga, where the pilgrims can visit them and learn the history of this mythical point of the Way.


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The Winter Way is a variant of the French route between Santiago and El Bierzo. Thus you can see it as part of a longer road which started from your pilgrimage in Navarra and Aragon, a journey of 800km. Another option for those with less time available is to walk it as one single route from Ponferrada, about 210km. Finally, for those of you whose first experience this is and want the Compostela, they need only walk 100 km, starting from Chantada.


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The so-called Winter Way is an alternative to the southern French Way which extends from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela . In the past, it owed its success as an alternative route to the fact that during the severe winter months it was a good deal easier to travel this way, rather than passing through the mountainous regions of Leon and Lugo. This alternative route was therefore busiest during the winter period, when weather conditions made access to O Cebreiro difficult for pilgrims.


Sleep on the Camino: other accommodations

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The Camino de Santiago is full of alternatives for sleeping accommodation, many of them at very similar prices ... so, answering this question is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The most famous accommodations are, of course, the hostels, but not all pilgrims will want to share a bedroom with numerous strangers, or at least not every night ... and also they will not not always find room, either because they made no reservation or finishing the stage Where one ended...

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Ultreia Ring

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Jewels of the Camino

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Joyas del Camino

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