Useful information about the Camino of Saint James Pilgrimage and Santiago de Compostela


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The town of Astorga with its more than 11,000 inhabitants, is one of the most important centers that crosses the Camino de Santiago, particularly known for the richness of its historical and artistic heritage. It also occupies a privileged geographical place on the Way, being the point where the French Way crosses the old Silver Way.


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Don't miss… The "Pallozas" of O Cebreiro

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The “pallozas” are traditional buildings that remain in some areas of the Spanish northwest, the most famous are those of O Cebreiro, in the French Way. Their main feature is their circular or oval shape. Their size usually ranges between ten and twenty meters in diameter, they have low stone walls and are covered with a thatched conical roof, made of straw and stalks of rye.

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St. John of Portomarín

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You shouldn’t miss the church of St. John de Portomarín, also known as Saint Nicholas, its name as a parish. It was built in the late twelfth century by the Knights of the Order of St. John of Malta, to whom Alfonso IX had donated the village. Portomarín was then a tiny village but with two enormous sources of wealth: the Way of St. James and a bridge that allowed pilgrims and traders to cross the Minho River.

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Abastos Market. The Place

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The Mercado de Abastos de Santiago is one of the most lively and interesting places in the city. A place where the pilgrim or tourist can live Galicia through its five senses. In addition to the largest variety of fresh products from Galicia, the market offers handicrafts, coffees, bars and even a kitchen service for the products you choose.

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The "Casa del Cabildo" of Santiago de Compostela

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The Casa del Cabildo is one of the best known in Santiago, any pilgrim or tourist who has walked around the cathedral will remember its magnificent façade, but surely what he does not know is that it is only four meters thick!

The great façade that we see in the Plaza de Platerías is nothing more than a scenographic backdrop. This was conceived as a kind of decorative closure that allowed the grandeur of the cathedral's plazas to be maintained.


Ultreia Ring

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Jewels of the Camino

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Joyas del Camino

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