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Abastos Market. The Place

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The Mercado de Abastos de Santiago is one of the most lively and interesting places in the city. A place where the pilgrim or tourist can live Galicia through its five senses. In addition to the largest variety of fresh products from Galicia, the market offers handicrafts, coffees, bars and even a kitchen service for the products you choose.

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This sensory and sensual experience unites culture and gastronomy because we must not forget that the market is in the heart of the historic center of Santiago, surrounded by the squares of San Agustín and the University, with monuments such as the church of San Fiz de Solovio and Endless cafés and bars that have become a fashionable meeting place for compostelans.

The architecture of the market itself has great artistic value. The current granite pavilions were built in 1941, replacing the old city market. The new architecture was finally able to accommodate all the stalls inside, which allowed merchants to protect their products from the rain of Compostelle.

The Square of Abastos in Santiago It is located in the historic center of the city of Santiago, in fact it is the second most visited place in the city after the Cathedral. About five thousand square meters of commercial activity, basically fresh produce. Overflowing with activity and possibilities, the square offers you a unique environment where you can do your shopping, take both churros and a seafood platter, or enjoy the typical octopus galician style.

Stand out the positions of the countrymen who come to sell homemade products and cultivation, cheeses, vegetables and real eggs! . The offer is very varied in seafood, fish and meat with the attraction that you can make the purchase yourself and in the market bar they prepare it for you to eat at the agreed time.

We recommend you visit the bars attached to the market or go to Nave 5 where you can taste octopus, seafood or typical dishes of Galician cuisine, always accompanied by excellent wines and bread.


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