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The Botafumeiro

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The "botafumeiro" ("thurible" in Galician) is one of the most famous and popular of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. It is an incense burner of great dimensions that moves from the central dome of the Cathedral, from where it hangs by a system of pulleys to the aisles. Eight men are needed to move it, the known 'tiraboleiros', since it weighs 53 kg. and measuring 1.50 meters; It is suspended at a height of 20 meters and it can reach high speed.

The "botafumeiro" is used for liturgical purposes, in the same way that any priest would use an incense burner on the altar, and you can see the following days of Eucharistic Celebration:

-The Epiphany of the Lord: 6 January-Sunday of resurrection

- the Ascension of the Lord

- the appearance of Apostle-Clavijo: May 23

- Pentecost - the martyrdom of James: 25 July

- The assumption of Mary: 15 August

- All saints: 1 November-Christ King

- The Immaculate Conception: 8 December

- Christmas: 25 December

- Transfer of the remains of the Apostle: Dec. 30

The "botafumeiro" on the occasion of pilgrimages that have applied it to the Cathedral can also operate.

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