Useful information about the Camino of Saint James Pilgrimage and Santiago de Compostela

The Camino Pilgrim's Traditional Clothes

Historically the clothing of the pilgrims was to wide-brimmed hat, coat, crook or staff bag and a pumpkin to keep drinking.



This clothing once topped the pilgrimage, was reused by pilgrims in processions or was donated to a monastery. Some pilgrims were buried symbolizing their access to the afterlife.

When the pilgrims arrived in Santiago, received a shell that led back to their place of origin. Until XIV secule the pilgrims used to fix the scallops or shells in their pouches, later in his hat or coat.

It would serve as the pilgrimage topped certificate as grants and privileges guaranteed. In the late Middle Ages, the pilgrim shell became a generic attribute Pilgrim, remaining as distinctive pilgrim to Santiago.

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Ultreia Ring

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Jewels of the Camino

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Joyas del Camino

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