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Shell Jacobean Symbol

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     The shell is the Jacobean attribute par excellence, document that testifies to the performed pilgrimage and is receiving arriving to Santiago as a certificate thereof, becoming a guarantee to obtain grants and privileges. This was found on top of a skeleton in a grave under the basement of the Cathedral of Santiago. Two holes that confirm its use as logo and that the grave belonged to a pilgrim.

     The pilgrims used to hang from your neck or pin a scallop shell bought from the doors of the Cathedral at their clothes (not only sea but also shells shells made in metal - lead, Tin and, for the more affluent, in noble metals). These scallops trade was regulated in the year 1200 by the Archbishop D. Pedro Suárez de Deza, and in the year 1230 it will be developed on a monopoly basis by one of the most ancient of the City Guilds: Guild of the Concheiros



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