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Stage 5 - Obanos - Estella/Lizarra

Length 26,8 Kms  Time Long: 6h 15 min.

The camino coming from Obanos runs to the left of the Church, then descend to the right along a path parallel to the façade. Cross the road and through orchards reach Hotel Jakue, and shortly afterwards the hostel's parents repairmen at the entrance to Puente la Reina. We cross the famous bridge and the road runs parallel to the N111 road towards Logroño.

Camino Frances Etapa 5 Puente La Reina

Stage 6 - Estella/Lizarra - Torres del Río

Lenght 26,5 Kms  Time Long.: 7h min.

The Camino of Santiago leaves the old town of Estella and practically without transition you will reach the village of Ayeguin. The monastery of Irache is seen from afar.

Irache Cellar has built in one of its walls, before belonging to the monastery, which gives to the Camino de Santiago a fountain of wine to invite the Pilgrim to a drink of this wonderful soup. Thousands of people of different nationalities have visited it as something unusual on the road. The fountain has a web cam to see in time real in the Camino de Santiago pilgrims who visit it.

Camino Frances Etapa 6 Estella Torres del Rio

Stage 7 - Torres del Río - Logroño

Lenght 20,5 Kms  Time long: 4h 30min.

Behind Torres del Río will ascend to a plain, after half and hour walking, the camino crosses the N111 road by the right and and shortly you will find the Virgin of Poyo's chapel. Then we descend along a very stony path. Passed the bottom of the Barranco of Corvana and then walk and ascending path just to be approaching to Viana by a more plain landscape. Two hours after the hood arrived at last Navarra's town of the Camino, which is Viana.

Camino Frances Etapa 7 Torres del Rio Logroño

Stage 10 - Santo Domingo de la Calzada - Belorado

Lenght 23,5 Kms  Time Long.: 5h 15min.

The many hostels that are in the path allow flexible planning stage. This not find shadows and if very hot in summer. On leaving the village the road crosses the river Oja and follows a section on the N120 and then away from it. The next village we found is Grañon, the hostel is located in the church of San Juan Bautista in the center of town. Leaving the town a rural road takes us downward slope until approx. ½ h later found a cairn marking the start of the Community of Castile and León.

Camino Frances Etapa 10 Santo Domingo Calzada Belorado

Berenguela. Praterias 8 Santiago


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