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Sleep on the Camino: other accommodations

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The Camino de Santiago is full of alternatives for sleeping accommodation, many of them at very similar prices ... so, answering this question is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The most famous accommodations are, of course, the hostels, but not all pilgrims will want to share a bedroom with numerous strangers, or at least not every night ... and also they will not not always find room, either because they made no reservation or finishing the stage Where one ended...

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Each pilgrim should choose according to his own personality and situation, the type of Way that he wants to follow, but we think that it can also be helpful to evaluate in a general way some services, advantages and disadvantages of different types of lodgings that are not hostels.

In front of the hostels, the rural houses, pensions and hotels usually guarantee more the rest for having rooms and private. As for prices, not all pilgrims have the same economic limits and, in addition, it is now possible to find a great diversity of prices (some very reasonable) in all types of accommodation.

The rural houses are a very particular type of accommodation that we should like to point out, above all, to our non-Spanish followers, who may not know this system. In general, they are in rural spots of a traditional character, with historical or aesthetic architectural value, that offer a service that is very similar to that of a hotel. They are, therefore, accommodations with an added value, i.e. charm.

The prices at the country house vary a great deal, but generally they are around 50 € night for a double room, but there is a great variety of rates, some of them with dinner and / or breakfast included. The rural nature of these lodgings has naturally become closely linked to the Camino de Santiago and, at present, it is not difficult to find pilgrims’ agencies that organize the entire Camino with this type of accommodation.

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The hotels are also quite expensive, but they are usually the most comfortable, with more services and amenities. Also the fact that some pilgrims choose hotels because they can afford them, means a help to others with less means to occupy the space in public shelters. In addition hotels are a good option for pilgrims suffering from a health or injury problem that requires them to rest for a day or two, as well as for those who want a good night’s sleep after so many stages ...

Hostels and guesthouses offer lower prices than hotels and the same guarantees of sleep and rest, but not the same services and amenities. It is easy to find a hostel on the Camino for 20 € night.

Finally, we cannot fail to point out that there are pilgrims who decide not to resort to any type of accommodation. Pilgrims wishing to make the Camino without money, "Franciscan pilgrims" as they are called by some, sleeping out under the stars or wherever they find shelter. We do not recommend this but nor can we forget that it exists and some of those who have opted for this alternative speak of this experience as especially gratifying, capable of giving them faith in others, in being able to count on the solidarity and help of other people.

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