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Carrión de los Condes

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Carrión de los Condes is one of the most outstanding villas of the beautiful Tierra de Campos, a region in the province of Palencia that many pilgrims have fallen in love with. In spite of its scarce 2,500 inhabitants, the town still retains great religious and cultural significance. The Codex Calixtino bears witness to its importance in the Middle Ages, extolling among its virtues the fact that there are no less than 12 hospitals for pilgrims. Among his most celebrated citizens stands the Marquis de Santillana. 

Foto de Valdavia

Foto Valdavia

However tired the pilgrim might be when he arrives in Carrión he must not forgo visiting the town. He could start with the Monastery of Santa Clara, an extraordinary example of X111th century architecture. In the convent, one of the oldest in Spain, there is a Piedad of Gregorio Fernández.

Also worth visiting is the Church of Santa Maria del Camino, with 12th century architecture, with beautiful representations of the Magi of the East, their encounter with Herod, the Epiphany, the twenty-four elders of the Apocalypse and the Tribute of the One hundred Maidens.

But, the most famous church is undoubtedly the one dedicated to Santiago, also of medieval origin, with a famous carved doorway in Romanesque style that shows great monumental frieze and a magnificent relief with the figure of Christ in Majesty.

Whoever still has the necessary energy should not miss going to the banks of the river Carrión, where the great monumental monastery of San Zoilo stands. This is undoubtedly the greatest artistic treasure of the town, with its 17th-century church and, above all, its cloister of Plateresque style, by Juan de Badajoz, of great ornamental richness, with numerous reliefs and figurative medallions. For those who need a good rest we would also remind you that the monastery has now been converted into a hotel.

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