Useful information about the Camino of Saint James Pilgrimage and Santiago de Compostela

Foot Care

We all know what a blister and annoying they are walking. Here I briefly explain why they appear, useful remedies to cure and most importantly, some tips to avoid appearing.

The most common cause of blisters is rubbing (friction) or pressure, it is normal to walk for hours there these two factors more or less intensity and more so if you are used to and do not have a bit tanned skin.

Feet Care

  • It is important to know how to avoid them:Sweat also is responsible for the blisters because the skin softens and is easier to get up, to put it before walking on your feet and then talcum powder over socks, thus avoid excessive sweating not only to avoid blisters also improve foot hygiene.
  • No brand new boots for the Road: To avoid friction or rubbing is very important that you use a shoe that you're older, you already have your foot shape made or new boots premiered earlier and some use dalas. Of course always in your size.
  •  You can use a thin sock or other sports and fatter top, this way you will avoid that friction is between the sock and the boot, so the movement you will rub a sock to another. Always more fluffy and absorb some sweat.
  • If you always miss out on the same part, vaseline. Often the shape of the boot and your foot physiology always have blisters in the same area, put a little Vaseline on the affected area, avoid that touch more intense.

If you are too late or you have not yet rid of them can heal as follows:

  • You can use special dressings for blistersinstantly feel relief and you can resume your way, but not recommended if the blister is very large or is oozing with typical "bubble" of fluid inside, it is better the following remedy.
  • Traversing the blister with a needle and a lighter thread. Warm up with a lighter the needle and wet it with alcohol, then you have to leave the thread through the blister, is better than to throw betadine thread, also at the end of the process across the area
  • Don't remove the skin. This is very important, the skin covering the blister is a natural defense against infections and abrasions, leave it until it falls off by itself.

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