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Walking with sticks


When walking, trekking poles help us improve gait and relieve the joints of the legs. Walking sticks supported in specific is all endurance sport reporting numerous health benefits.

Nordic walking is also called as its origins date back to when the Scandinavian competitors started using ski poles to train in summer. Thus, increased strength and strengthened the upper body. Now the use of trekking poles has spread and people around the world enjoy its benefits.

The trekking poles-also called Jo-are smooth, thin and with a height from floor to armpit Walker sticks. They may be made of carbon, a mixture of carbon and glass fiber or aluminum.

These long, unlike the smaller canes espaldafortaleciendo help straighten the muscles associated with posture and spinal stability. In addition, the download of the body weight on the arms, the legs greatly relieved preventing knee and ankle injuries and, likewise exercise the arms and shoulders making them actively participate, which does not happen with the usual way of walking.

I walk with a cane-or two-engages 90% of the muscles of the body, while in normal driving only 60% do. It also increases calorie consumption up to 45% and, if practiced with some regularity, you can help control cholesterol levels and blood pressure, reduce stress and relieve back pain. If, in addition, was performed in a group, is a perfect activity for socializing outdoors while exercising.


This sport is especially recommended for people with joint wear, especially higher-or overweight people, but anyone can benefit from its advantages.

Moreover, relaxation and massage in the neck that produces walking with trekking poles are very suitable for people who suffer muscle spasms neck.

Recommendations for using the sticks

- If you walk with one cane , it is convenient to change bag occasionally to distribute the effort between the two arms.

- If you walk with two canes , is the body work better, but you have to pay more attention to coordination. It should be noted that the excessive use of two canes can provoke damage to the natural balance to get used to additional points of support.

- Take the stick depending on terrain . On flat ground the cane to the elbow with the arm bent at a right angle to be taken. If we walk uphill, however, have to grab it below and sink into the ground to push up and downhill is advisable to grab the shoulder and foot nail ahead to download the weight on the arm.

Here's an interesting video that explains how to use trekking poles or walking

Yes, the poles can have multiple uses, for example, the journalist who used to hold the camera :)


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